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Collapsable Photo Booths

Collapsable Photo Booths

Solid Photo Booths

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Collapsable Photo Booths


Solid Photo Booths


Solid Photo Booths

Collapsable Photo Booths

About Us


Resus Digital Have been designing Photo Booths for some of the biggest worldwide companies. We have our Booths in Russia, Australia, and Ireland to name a few.

Our Photo Booths are totally different to other companies as the software is only sold with the full booth,

Available in Multi Language Packs for Various Countries
Over 300 in operation Globally

Unlike Other Manufacturers we dont download cheap Photo Booth Software with no support. Our software is unique and only sold with our booths giving you a competitive edge in th erental market.


Photo Booth Screen

The New 42" Fun Screen That will Stream the Photos From the Photo Booth as they are takenupto 20 meters away with only one power cable. Ideal for Large Events Rent the additional Screen,Stand out from the Generic Software with this new System


Photo Booth For Sale

With Our Finance Package you can Buy the Photo Booth with the Fun Screen from only £3 per day. The Systems are designed to be different, with no downloaded software we build our own and only sell the software with the Booths. Making your booth differnet, we have modifications released monthly keeping your business way ahead of everyone else.

This software that powers the Photo Booths are Used By

B&Q, Devere Hotels, Supplier to the Biggest Photo Booth Operator in the UK.

Photo Booth Facebook Share
The New Photo Booth Can also Share on Facebook, Not just one facebook page like other booths but on everyones facebook page,This creates a huge fan base for future bookings.
Green Screen Photo Booth New Green Screen System can have any Photo as Backdrop, The image is also blown up so it looks in perspective to the people. Using our own state of the art Chroma Key Green screen will leave your Customers coming back for more.

Control Your Business

Photo Booth Booking System

Full Integrated Booking and event control and Payment system lets your website look professional.

The system is fully intergrated with your website, All bookings are booked creating a unique ID for the customer. The system will also create an image gallery instantly on your own website so there is no more sharing third party websites. The System will also take bookings for you and payments using Paypal. Full training is given on the system operation which is very easy to operate.

Buy From £3 per day, Based on Deposit £2000 Subject To Status.

One of the biggest Photo Booth Hire specialist in the UK use our Photo Booth systems

WITH VIDEO | GREEN SCREEN | WIDE ANGLE SHOT | CLOSE SHOT | DUAL CAMERA For reliability | Double Facebook Uploads not only to single page but multi page | 19" Touch Screen toughened glass |
Photo Sreaming to a 42" Screen, Brandable Prints
| Booking system | Instant Upload | SLR | Wind Machine

Built from Aluminium and Plastic Skins to give a Rigid Booth

Before you Buy Any Photo Booth Ask "What is different with your software?"

The Most Important part of any photo booth is the Software, Why is this?, most companies that sell photo booths sell generic software that everyone uses they download this for a few dollars and charge you a huge amount to use it. The top two biggest photo booth companies in the UK use bespoke software, we are a photo booth manufacturer and software developers which gives advantages as you can offer more functions with your photo booth while your competition fight it out on price you can provide a better service.Our Photo Booth software includes, individual Facebook Uploads not to a single site but multi site, Server upload which automatically creates a webapge for the event and send a password to the customer, Green screen which is editable, Video messages, automatic USB creations, Picture streaming to a 42" screen

New Photo booth App that will help market your Photo Booth. Wide angle photo and video for large groups and DSLR for small groups in the booth selectable by the customer. Remeber Software is the key to having a successful Business, Offer more services, dont reduce your price.

Various Colours and sign writing Available, Full Sign writing Included, Visit Our Showroom to Find Out More

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